From humble beginnings moving from place to place and watching my mother struggle, to losing my father at an early age, I know the challenges of growing up in America.  Responsibility was thrust upon me in my youth and I embraced it.  For over twenty years I have helped others get through turbulent times as a business consultant.  With my most loving, supportive, and ever patient wife by my side, I have had the honor to become involved in many community service organizations over the years. In the wake of Haiti’s 2010 cataclysmic earthquake, I founded the Haiti Recovery and Development Company.  Working on a project to establish a Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park to honor the dead, and through my efforts to work with the Haitian establishment, the country's most vulnerable citizens, and various institutions, I have achieved historic results to improve the lives of many by using my private sector experience and alliance-building skills. This skill set will serve our families well in Congress.  Join us as we embark on this journey together.  Together we always do better.